Our Story

Camp Brethren Heights is a Christian camp, outdoor school, and retreat center affiliated with the Michigan District Church of the Brethren.  Camp Brethren Heights was established in 1949 as an outdoor ministry of the Michigan District Church of the Brethren as a natural setting for Christian education for children and youth.  Since then, the camp has extended its ministry to include groups of all ages, both within the Church of the Brethren and outside groups.


Our Mission


The essential goal of Camp Brethren Heights is to promote a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ and experience and engage God’s creation in a manner that promotes deeper awareness and growth. In our natural setting, campers and visitors are provided a safe space where they can experience Christian community, develop a greater awareness and connection with God’s creation and discern God’s plan for their lives. 


Our Values


Biblical teachings and stories are integrated within the programming to strengthen the values and beliefs of campers. The camp places a strong emphasis on its Brethren heritage and values. Campers are encouraged to not only be more aware of the natural world but also are given the resources to establish a strong connection with creation and enable them to restore an ecological balance in their own communities. Camp Brethren Heights provides a very unique opportunity for Christian education and formation which is not available in most Church settings.