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Eco Camps


Eco Camps are similar to Residential Camps, with a greater focus on connecting deeper with God's creation

by learning earth living skills, eco-discipleship practices, and environmental stewardship.


Survivor Camp (Ages 12-14)
July 9-15, 2023             Cost: $300

Discover what it means to live close to the earth! 

Deepen your connection with God's creation.  Build natural shelters, gather water safely, make primitive fires and gather wild foods.  Learn navigation skills and play awareness games.  Survivor Camp will reawaken your relations with the Creator and creation!  This camp is held at Camp Mack (IN) and Brethren Heights campers will be joined by campers from Camp Mack.


This camp is limited to 15 campers from Camp Brethren Heights.

Dadirri Camp (Ages 15-18)
Returning in 2024         Cost: $300

Imagine being so attuned with God's creation that you can read the stories written on the landscape and hear creation's rhythm and songs.  This is what it means to embody with that aboriginal Australians called Dadirri.  Experience how connection with creation deepens our worship, Bible study and community.  Dadirri Camp is a full mind-body-heart experience that will make God more real than you ever imagined.


Prerequisite: Attended Survivor Camp and/or proficiency in selected wilderness skills.

Target Sports Camp (Ages 12-15)
July 2-5, 2023               Cost: $200

Taking aim and focusing in on a target is not only a recreational pastime but also one that serves us well in our life and faith formation. This camp will introduce campers to the world of primitive target sports such as archery, slingshots and other projectile sports. Plenty of regular camp activities to make this an awesome camp experience. CBH provides all the equipment for the archery, slingshot and shepherd's sling portions of camp.


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