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Camp Brethren Heights Rental Policies

The Camp Brethren Heights Inc. Board has compiled the following guidelines for all groups using camp facilities.


As the contact person, it is your responsibility to share these directives with all the participants so that we may enter into and understand contract in its fullest.

The Renter will use only the building and facilities requested on your rental contract. Damage to facilities or equipment will be paid by the renter.


Smoking is prohibited in all of Camp Brethren Heights buildings. Items that are prohibited on camp property include: Firearms, Pyrotechnics (fireworks), Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, and illegal drugs. A fee of $250.00 will be incurred if this directive is violated.


In our effort to be energy efficient, please be mindful of turning off lights and keeping doors closed. We also recommend that you use our dinnerware and not use paper products as a way of keeping our carbon footprint small. If you choose to use paper products and do not take them with you, an additional $25 will be incurred for extra garbage removal.


Since we share this habitat with many forms of wildlife, please stay on existing trails and do not disturb the wildlife.


Campfires may only be built in the areas provided. Wood may only be harvested from the immediate area of the fire pit. We make sure that there are ample amounts of cut and seasoned firewood available during your stay.


If a group wishes to use the boats, canoes, or kayaks the camp office will provide a key and a set of instructions. All canoes, kayaks, paddles & life jackets must be returned to their proper place.

  1. The following cleaning chores must be completed before departure of a group or a cleaning fee will be charged:

    1. Stack dining room chairs

    2. If furniture is moved, please return it to where it was found.

    3. Vacuum all carpets

    4. Wash and put away dishes

    5. Put out fires and close fire damper in fireplace

    6. Sweep and mop floors

    7. Bag and put all trash inside back kitchen door


A phone is provided for your use. If it is a long distance call please dial 1 before the area code and number you wish to call.


The fire alarm is a local alarm to alert people in the building in case of a fire. If an alarm goes off, notify the camp director at 867-3618 even if there is not a fire. If there is a fire call the fire department at 911.


Fire safety: do not clean ashes from the fireplace. Keep a water filled bucket near outside fires. Never leave a fire unattended, especially at the pavilion. Be sure a fire is completely out before leaving it. Do not use candles or liquid fuel lanterns in the cabins.


Pets must be leashed or caged during entire visit. No pets are allowed in the lodge building (the exception of service pets).

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