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Residential Camps

Otter Camp (entering Gr. 1-3)
June 11-13, 2023            Cost: $150

When it comes to play, laughter and having tons of fun, joyful otters take it to a whole new level! They celebrate life by playing together.


This camp is an excellent 3-day, 2-night resident camp for those wanting a sample of a week of camp. In this short, fun-filled time together campers will have the opportunity to go swimming, boating, explore nature, learn Bible stories, sing songs at the campfire, make crafts as well as new friends. What better way for your child to sample summer camp fun than to take on the joyous traits of an otter!


Beaver Camp (entering Gr. 4-6)
July 23-28, 2023            Cost: $300

Beavers are all about building and creating. They embody the willingness to figure things out and create something great in the process, which is a lot like this age group of campers.


Campers will have the opportunity to participate together in swimming, boating, canoeing, Bible study, worship, nature activities, singing, games, service projects, mystery dinner and crafts. This week is designed with time to explore God's creation, make new friends, and enjoy campfires. This is a time for your child to enjoy great summer fun as they build and create just like beavers.      


Bobcat Camp (entering Gr. 7-9)
June 25-30, 2023           Cost: $300

Learning to become more independent can sometimes be challenging. Bobcats are all about discovering their place as they becoming more independent and walk the edges.


Our week at camp together will be about gaining our independence and discovering your place in God’s world. Hang out with new and old friends as you  participate in nature activities, cookouts, group games, waterfront activities, mucking, service project, worship, mystery dinner and Bible studies while   living in Christian community.


Red Tail Hawk Camp (Gr. 10-12)
July 16-21, 2023             Cost: $300

What are you passionate about? What gives you energy to serve others? A Red-tailed Hawk soaring above reminds us to seek out our passion and find a way to always follow our heart.


Campers will have the opportunity to participate in Christian community building through group games, waterfront activities, cookouts, Bible Studies, service projects, and community worship. We’ll also sing, make crafts, explore nature, play games, create skits and participate in camp traditions like Mystery Dinner, mucking as well as camping out overnight on the island!


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